Ben Pettingill is a blind motivational speaker that is dedicated to sharing his messages of ‘True Vision’ and ‘Limitless Vision’. He speaks to education and corporate audiences to empower them to see themselves and the world around them in a true and limitless way. He does this through sharing his own experiences of living with a visual impairment.

Imagine waking up blind. One moment you can see, and in the next moment, your vision is made up only of childhood memories. At the tender age of 16, this became a reality for Ben when overnight he lost 98% of his eyesight to a rare genetic syndrome, Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. This syndrome came as a complete shock to Ben and his family, leaving them grieving for his sense of sight. However, Ben has since vowed to never let his situation limit his life.

Ben is the guy who waterskis with direction through an earpiece, coaches’ basketball teams without being able to see the ball, and has even driven a car! He is also currently the only legally blind person in the world to have competed in a Spartan obstacle course race, untethered. No challenge is too big for Ben to conquer. As one challenge finishes, he sets his sights on the next and takes action to make his dreams a reality.

Ben may have lost his vision, but in return, he gained ‘True Vision’, the ability to truly see things for what they are without the use of your sense of sight. He now uses the ‘True Vision’ to see with ‘Limitless Vision’ which transforms a limited life into a limitless life.

Discover your own True and Limitless Vision today. Try the things you’ve always been too afraid to do. Turn your dreams into reality. See the people and the world around you for what they really are. Book Ben for your next event and see your people soar.