Ben Pettingill sees life in a different way to most. Ben also now speaks about life in a different way to most. There is much to know about this blind motivational speaker and he has lots to share.

At age 16, Ben lost his eyesight overnight to a rare genetic syndrome, Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy. This sudden, traumatic event turned his world upside down. It redefined everything he knew and crushed all his childhood dreams in an instant. Yet it was also the beginning of new form of visions, ‘True Vision’ and ‘Limitless Vision’.

PVCCBen faces an array of challenges each and every day. He does this with a positive attitude as he refuses to allow his condition to define him. His transformed perception  has saw him vow to never let his situation limit his life. He now “sees the world and the people around him clearer than ever before”. He has discovered the secret of ‘True Vision’ and ‘Limitless Vision’. Ben has learnt amazing lessons and collected valuable tools through his extraordinary journey and is  now passionate about sharing his insights with everyone he meets. He has taken control of his destiny by embracing resilience and the ability to live without limits.

WaterskiiBen has a lust for life which is seen in his adrenaline-pumping lifestyle. He loves to go motor-bike riding, water-skiing and is the only legally blind person in the world to have competed in a Spartan obstacle course race untethered.
Ben is a blind motivational speaker who inspires, educates and empowers his audience. Ben strives to connect with audiences around the globe in order to add incredible value to their lives and open their eyes to a whole new view; ‘True and Limitless Vision’.

Ben lives in Melbourne with his partner, Amy, and their dog, Aussie, plus Ben’s Mum, Dad, Sister. Ben enjoys nothing more than spending time with his close friends and family and loves to live life on the edge by taking on any challenge or obstacle that comes his way.