Ben Pettingill lives with only 2% vision after losing the other 98% overnight when he was 16. He shares his story of losing his sight and his experiences as a visually impaired young man with audiences whenever he has the opportunity. It seems that others enjoy sharing Ben’s story as much as he does. Check out this blind motivational speaker in the media.

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INTERVIEW: AIM Great Debate 2016

2CC Canberra Radio’s Tim Shaw talks all things discrimination, positive or not, with Ben in the lead up to the 2016 AIM Great Debate held in Canberra on Friday 29th July.


INTERVIEW: The Supernova Tribe – Supernova Sound Podcast

Ben chats with The Supernova Tribe founder, Rebecca Tapp, about living with a visual impairment and the message he feels compelled to share.

INTERVIEW: White Cane Day 2015

Hear Ben share with Glenn Johns from 7XS West Coast Radio about his experiences using and relying on his white cane to highlight and honour White Cane Day, October 14th 2015.


Sunraysia Daily - Ben Pettingill

Ben Pettingill, blind motivational speaker with only 2% sight features in the Sunraysia Daily with his father, Tim and their Murray Cod catch of the day.

NEWS ARTICLE: “Just Lucky, I guess”Sunraysia Daily, August 8th 2014

“There is so much we take for granted as we travel the twisted road of life.

I remember a proverb told to me many years ago that went something along the lines of: I used to complain that I had no shoes till I met a man that had no feet. Unless you had met that man you might not dwell on this line that long. 

Just recently I was to meet a young man who would enlighten the way I see things, even though he was unable to see them himself…”



sra-mel-super-_prerace150307BLOG: A Different Perspective – OCR Baptism of Ben Pettingill

“So, what’s the “so what factor?” you say. Yes, I’ve done this many times before, introducing newcomers to the sport of OCR (Obstacle Course Racing), from sprints (7km) through to the longer beast @ 21km and distances and technical variations in between. The back story for those who’ve followed, is that Ben, 3 years ago at age 16 woke up one morning to find a rare genetic condition has taken hold.  “Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy or LHON” causes sudden loss of central vision. In Ben’s case, this has rendered him virtually sightless, classified as legally blind. This condition is irreversible and permanent…”    READ MORE